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This world-wide pandemic has forced many individuals to readdress scenarios that were previously unthinkable. Estate planning is admittedly not the most cheerful of subjects but planning now can have a huge positive impact on those you leave behind or how the people you leave in charge handle the care of your children or even yourself.

Most of us have never dealt with anything like the COVID-19 pandemic. Long periods of isolation at home and social distancing is frustrating and scary. Many of our clients are reaching out to execute estate plans they have put off finalizing. Others are contacting us to start estate plans they should have started years ago.

With so many of us isolated in our homes, we now have the time to address issues we have put off for a long time. Take advantage of this time to complete your estate planning. Our law firm can help you accomplish this without requiring in person meetings or leaving your home.

Some of the safe features Preovolos Lewin, ALC provides:

  1. All meetings are being conducted by telephone, email and video chat.
  2. Documents will be provided by email, mail, or curbside pickup.
  3. Detailed instructions will be provided to limit client exposure.
  4. Phone, email, and video conferencing support.