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Practice Areas

Corporate & Business Law

Corporate law and business law concerns all commercial transactions including entity formation, compliance, taxation, contracts, sale of goods, internet business, franchising, financing and venture capital, purchase and sale of companies, intellectual property protection, estate planning, real estate, and bankruptcy. 

Our corporate attorneys are well versed in a variety of corporate law and business law matters. We advise on all business structures including sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and professional service corporations. We also provide assistance with non-profit entities, public benefit corporations, and private foundations. Compliance generally means the observance of a number of organizational and ongoing formalities when running your business in order to ensure retention of the key benefits of maintaining your business including limiting the personal liability of the owners, officers and directors, as well as utilizing the tax benefits associated with running a business.

Our corporate attorneys have experience with all types of contracts, including employment agreements, severance agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, leases, settlements, releases, joint ventures, business alliances, licensing, and the like.

With regard to business financing, we assist our clients in putting together appropriate transactions including secured loans, sale of equities or debt in private placements, venture capital financing, and seeking exemptions from qualifications under California and Federal securities laws.

When seeking to build your business through the development and acquisition of assets, including real property, and intellectual property we can guide you through the process. We file copyrights and trademarks, and defend those rights for our clients. When it comes time to consider succession planning, we can structure all transactions including acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations and change of control, through assets purchases and stock purchases, in order to help you achieve your long term goals.

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